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Let Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop Craft Your Sweet Gift - 3801 Connecticut Avenue Blog

Let Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop Craft Your Sweet Gift

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Part bakery, part chocolatier, part neighborhood grocery store, Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop serves its community with a small-town vibe you don’t stumble upon often in a city the size of D.C. So if you’re looking for something special for your sweetheart, Lulabelle’s friendly team can help you find the perfect gift.

Its creative candies are a sweet departure from your standard box of chocolates. Its caramel or s’mores peanut butter cups will delight and surprise any chocolate lover, as will its Fine & Raw Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and its Vosges Haut-Chocolate bars infused with fromage blanc and dried berries. The Crow & Moss specialty chocolate bars are so popular they sometimes sell out—and it’s no wonder why, with unexpected flavors like vanilla smoke, Earl Grey, and Bolivian rose salt. And if your significant other loves a cup of hot chocolate this time of year, treat them to some specialty marshmallows or the mini marshmallow drink stirrer, which actually has mini marshmallows affixed to it, designed to float away in a cup of hot cocoa.

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