Holidays in November

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Especially with Thanksgiving not being until the end of the month, sometimes November can seem like an in-between month. Right after the fun of Halloween, and right before all the fun of December and the end of the year. Well, worry not! There are tons of holidays, big and small, to celebrate!

Some important days to remember in November include Daylight Savings, Election Day, and Veterans Day. 

Daylight Savings takes place on November 6th, everyone falls back by setting back the clocks!

Election Day for 2022 is taking place on November 8th!

Veterans Day is observed on November 11th, honoring military veterans of the US Armed Forces. 

Then, look forward to celebrating some holidays this month that you may have never had before! 

November 4th is National Jersey Day! Rep your favorite team by sporting your favorite jersey. 

November 12th is National Happy Hour Day! Is there really anything more to say? 

November 16th is National Fast Food Day! We are just about to chow down on plenty of delicious home cooking, so on the 16th just enjoy the ease of some takeout. 

While November may seem slow at the start, there are plenty of ways to celebrate! 

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